How to choose and buy a Wi-Fi / IP video camera?
15.04.2021 20:45



So that the performance of the device does not suffer, look at the level of protection of the case. Even IP 65 is enough to keep the electronics from breaking down in the first rain. But dust is also dangerous outside: it gets inside, mechanically scratches the lens, and affects the quality of video recording. To take the risk, look for the outdoor IP67 standard Paket CCTV. In the room, the parameter does not matter.

Power options are from a wall outlet, built-in battery, Power Bank or solar panel. The larger the protected area, the higher the autonomy. A video surveillance camera will successfully replace an intercom or video baby monitor if it is equipped with a microphone and speaker, and also supports two-way audio communication. For an object that is guarded remotely, it is more convenient to choose a model with cloud storage, so as not to depend on physical media and view the records at any convenient moment.

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