21.02.2022 08:55

What needs to happen for a seasoned swindler to provoke his imprisonment by staging an attack on a policewoman? It's very simple, Teddy Muretto is hiding from the pursuit of professional assassin Bob Widdick. And, obviously, he considers prison the best defense against bullets. This does not stop the killer, the order must be completed - Bob also ends up behind bars. For Valerie Young, this situation was an unexpected start to the service.

The confrontation between two hardened criminals in the police station is not all that a girl who has just come to law enforcement agencies will have to face. And Bob Widdick suddenly had a mercenary competitor. Who else will appear on the scene, whether the killer will be able to complete the task and how the young policewoman copes with the unenviable situation, it is worth watching in the exciting action movie Good, Bad, Cop.

Thriller director Joe Carnahan has already earned himself a reputation among fans of this kind of cinema, having introduced to the world the tapes Blood, Insolence, Bullets and Gasoline, Drug Lord, Trump Aces on nonton online.

The viewer could remember the charismatic leading actor Frank Grillo from the series Judgment Night with sequels. And for Alexis Lauder, the role of a police rookie was also one of the first jobs in the movie.